For a Season

The true purpose of this blog is ultimately to use it as a tool for time management.  To devote my all to a given project or two for a set amount of time.

A season.


Have you ever started a project with the intention of never finishing it?  Unlikely.

However, there is a good chance you’ve started a project with every intention to get it done but now it sits on a shelf collecting dust two years later.  Never to be touched again.

Sadly, this happens to a lot of great projects.

So what happened to that initial excitement at the start of the project? What happened between the beginning and the point where it ended up in the “never-finished” pile?

That probably deserves a blog posting in itself.

However, I believe that there is a way to keep that initial excitement alive.

We work best when we devote our time and energy to something for a season. By devoting the majority of our time and effort into one or two things, it reigns in our attention and energy.

The truth is, most of us aren’t that good at multitasking, or not as good as we’d like to think we are. Therefore, by honing in our time and energy on one or two projects with a clear deadline, we can actually finish/accomplish our goals.

I cannot say I came up with this idea on my own.  I was “blog-hopping” and heard about this idea of “seasons” through Nathan Barry (  Sorry I haven’t learned how to create links yet.

For me, the idea of devoting my time and energy to one project for a season is perfect.

I have found that the instances that I did set goals and achieve them within a set amount of time have been the most successful.

Such as the time I decided I wanted to become a certified yoga instructor.  I made my dream a reality by setting a deadline.

For this blog, I intend to share my seasons with you.  I believe that by documenting my work and sharing it with you, it will help keep me focused on my current project(s).  By sharing my goals, victories, and perhaps frustrations, I hope to help others who may suffer from a lack of time management and may also be interested in my current project of the season.

What I also enjoy about this concept is that it gives me the personal freedom to pursue my many interests.

I truly want to experience all that life has to offer.

Who doesn’t? (I know there’s a few of y’all out there)

I believe that by managing our time wisely, it will allow us to accomplish our goals.

Have a goal? Do it.

For a season.

So. What’s your season going to be?

Feel free to share it! You could use this blog as a tool for your own time management. 


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