Season 1 – Episode 1: Building a Home Gym

My first season.

I’m dedicating my first official season to building my home gym.

It probably comes as no surprise to some of my family and friends that I want my own, personal gym.

I hate training at commercial gyms.  It’s not that they are bad places.  For some people, it’s much more convenient to go to a commercial gym. And honestly,  I will still encourage those who want begin their training to go ahead and start their training at a commercial gym.

However, for me, I’d much rather train at home.

I made the decision this summer that I was going to convert my garage into a gym.  Well, to be more accurate, my parent’s garage. (Moving out will be another season that I hope comes soon)

This transition from a commercial gym to a home gym has been a hard one.

The first step to creating a gym is to find or create a space.  For many of us, that’s probably a garage or basement.

The first task I had to accomplish was getting all the clutter that had been accumulating over the past 25 years out of there.  I never got an actual “before” shot, but this was towards the beginning of the cleaning process.


About a month after that, this is what it looks like now:


Better, but not quite to the point where I feel comfortable enough to quit the commercial (box) gym I’m currently a member of.

So what does this have to do with seasons?

I have created a goal. To build my home gym.

Although I won’t be completely done with this goal for probably several years, I plan to have enough equipment by the end of December so that I can finally quit my box gym. That will be the end of this season.

Currently, I’m dedicating the majority of my free time and money mostly to this project from now until the end of the year.  Afterward, it’s just a matter of slowly adding more equipment over time.

If we devote our time and energy to one thing for a set amount of time, the likelihood of actually accomplishing our goal improves. 

Please feel free to share with me what you’re working on this season!

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