About Me


Hey there.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Here’s a little bit about me. . .

I’m a quirky, quiet coffee drinker, cat lover, music listener, yoga instructor, weight lifter, bass player, book reader, movie watcher, and most recently, blog writer.

I recently graduated with my B.S. in Exercise Science Wellness Promotion and Minor in Sociology.  I love staying active and being outdoors.  I have a passion for nature and try to bring physical activity and nature together whenever I can, whether it be through hiking, stand-up paddle board yoga, or just a leisurely stroll through the park.  Nature has always been one of my biggest passions (other than music).

As you may be able to tell, I have many interests and have had a difficult time narrowing them down.  Instead, my list of interests seems to constantly grow.

Hence the reason I began this blog.  To help me with managing my time better, so I can do it all.

My goal is to live life to the fullest and live well so that my quality of life is the best it can be.  If I can help others along the way, even better.